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Who We Are

We are a home Staging Business in the greater Jacksonville, FL area.  The owners and operators,  Greg & Misako Faulkner, have been Jacksonville residents since 2003. Misako is the principal stager and creative talent. She is a Japanese artist with an uncanny ability to take things that are ugly or ordinary and make them extraordinary! She loves the challenge of designing a beautiful space on a limited budget and has experience in virtually every sort of cosmetic home improvement project. Greg is the Business Manager for Go For the Bold, LLC. He is a retired Navy Senior Chief, and now works as licensed real estate professional with Fathom Realty, First Coast Team. Together Greg & Misako make a formidable team, well equipped to help you sell faster and net more.

Greg & Misako

We believe beautiful and bold is what will get your house sold. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that the first word on the lips of every potential buyer is "Wow!" when they see your property whether they are viewing it online or in person.

Our Philosophy

We believe bold is best because you want your property to stand out from all the rest and be especially memorable in the minds of every potential buyer at the end of a long day of viewing properties.  All the boring and ordinary properties will blur together in a buyers memory, but a bold and beautifully staged property will leave a lasting emotionally appealing impression of your property in the buyer's mind.

To learn more about Greg & Misako personally, click these links:

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